We all enjoy our outside space, whether it be from the comfort of an armchair, from an office window or getting our hands dirty digging in the garden.  You might not have considered artificial grass until now, but there’s a number of reasons you and others will be thinking of  a Grass Greener option:

  • Lack of time
  • Busy lifestyles
  • Hygiene
  • Health
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Greater comfort than hard surfaces
  • Better flood prevention than hard surfaces
  • Possible long term cost saving
  • All year round lawn
  • Weed suppression
  • Special events

Time saving

Short of time with a busy lifestyle or just have better things to do than trim, mow, weed and feed? Grass Greener artificial grass needs very little maintenance and effort.  Think of it more like a carpet, needing an occasional sweep or blast with a leaf blower to remove debris.  And, like any good carpet, there are treatments available to keep your Grass Greener lawn in tip-top condition.

And remember, you won’t be weeding, trimming, edging, feeding or needing to mow your lawn with a Grass Greener lawn, so you’ll have plenty of time to be used elsewhere!

Hygiene and Health

Replacing a lawn with artificial grass may help to reduce the symptoms of some grass allergies from which that you, your family or your pet may suffer.  Perhaps mowing the grass is out of the question because of a back complaint or other medical reason.  Artificial grass from Grass Greener is a straightforward, no-fuss solution – you can still enjoy the benefits of a lush lawn without any extra health worries.

PLUS there will be a lot less mud dragged into your home by mud, pets and welly boots!

Greater comfort

Grass Greener artificial grass is a great alternative to paving, decking or other hard surfaces, for a greater level of comfort under foot.  The construction of artificial grass gives a little more spring in your step, depending on the style you choose. Show me>>

Flood prevention

Artificial grass is permeable, allowing surface water to naturally penetrate through to the soil beneath.  Some flooding can be reduced by using permeable surfaces rather than concrete or paving which forces water down drainage, which can then buckle under the pressure during intensive periods of rain.

Special events

Family get-togethers, BBQs, weddings and birthday parties can be so much easier to organise and manage with a gorgeous Grass Greener artificial lawn underfoot.  Cleaner, safer and far easier to maintain, your Grass Greener lawn will cope with all those extra footsteps far better than a traditional lawn.

Beautiful lawn, all year round

Put simply, artificial grass from Grass Greener will give you a lawn that looks great, all year round.  That leaves more time for you to enjoy the rest of the garden.

There are 100’s of different types and styles of artificial grass in the marketplace.  At Grass Greener, we’ve saved you the time of hunting through them all.  We’ve fine-tuned them down to three options to suit your budget and garden plans for years to come.

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