Giving an outdoor venue the Grass Greener touch | Gawthorpe Club

Grass Greener at GawthorpeA stunning first impression can be simple with an immaculate Grass Greener artificial turf installation.  Just ask the owners and patrons of the Gawthorpe Club in Kirkheaton.  Their newly-greened frontage now boasts a Grass Greener lawn, ready for their forthcoming Centenary celebrations that will start next month.

This is a high footfall area at the front of the club and is the frontage that is viewed from the main road.  A much-improved visual impact, the front of house is now ready for all of its members’ events and celebrations this year and for many years to come.

This look SOOO much better, don’t you think? Looks like the members certainly do!

Gawthorpe group shot



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