Is artificial grass expensive?

Not when compared to the lifetime costs of mowing and fertilizing a natural lawn.  The initial cost can vary considerably from location to location:  we will be able to advise you on what is best for your site.  And don’t forget the time saving – no more mowing!

Will I need to remove my existing lawn?

Although it is possible to lay artificial grass on top of an existing lawn if it is even and well drained, the best results are achieved by removing existing turf.

Will an artificial lawn flood in heavy rain?

There is no need to worry about flooding.  Rain water will simply drain through your artificial grass.  See our information section for information on fitting a drainage base below the levelling layer.

What kind of base will I need?

Hard bases such as tarmac, asphalt and concrete are all acceptable, although tarmac will work better than concrete because it is porous.  When laying on concrete, a layer of sand or (even better) a rubber shock pad will avoid the edges of slabs showing through your grass.  A similar arrangement is necessary when two types of base material meet, for example soil and concrete.  It is also advisable to create a slight slope, or install sub-surface drainage, when laying on a concrete base.

What is the lifespan of artificial grass?

This will depend on how it is used.  For guidance, artificial grass football pitches can be expected to last in excess of 8 years.

Should I avoid using chemicals on my artificial grass?

Care needs to be taken with any acidic substance (ie with a pH of 3 or less) containing halogens (chloring, bromide etc).  Sulphur and nitrogen may also cause problems and oxidising chemicals such as bleach or peroxide are also inadvisable.

How do I maintain it?

Simply use a leaf rake or garden broom to remove leaves of other debris – and that’s it.  This also helps to keep the artificial grass in good condition by realigning the fibres.  If you have chosen infill, it will help to keep it smooth.  Natural rainwater will also help to clean the infill.

What about pets?

No problem.  You will find that your pets treat it just like natural grass.  Droppings can easily be washed away.  Where there is heavy use by animals, such as at a kennels, we suggest disinfectant to eliminate any odours or bacteria, but this is rarely necessary in a domestic setting.  We particularly recommend long pile and sand-filled artificial grass as most suitable for pets.  You may also be delighted that your pets can no longer dig up your lawn!

Can I alter the layout later on?

Yes.  Should you later wish to incorporate beds for trees or shrubs it is simply a case of removing a section of the artificial grass.

Is there a directional pile to the grass?

Yes.  It is important to take note of this when installing it.

How should I edge it?

With whatever you like.  A log roll works well.

What keeps the artificial grass in place?

Where the grass has infill, its weight is sufficient to hold the grass in place.  If the grass has no infill it may need to be pegged down. Edgings can also be used to secure it.

Is artificial grass suitable for a sloping site?

Yes, but if the slope exceeds 15% we do not recommend artificial grass for a site where the grass is to be walked on.  Slopes can also cause the sand used for infill to work its way down over time.  However this can be solved by using pins rather than sand infill to secure it.

Is it safe to barbecue on top of artificial grass?

It is perfectly safe, although we do recommend placing slabs under the barbecue itself.  Our artificial grass is treated with a fire retardant and sand infill also helps to reduce any fire risk.

Can children use it safely?

Yes, it is widely used by schools.

Will the grass need watering?

This should not be necessary in the British climate.  Only in countries experiencing extreme drought conditions might watering be necessary to prevent cracks appearing in the undersoil.

Will my artificial grass fade with time?

We only select the best quality products and therefore chance of fading is highly unlikely.  All our products come with a 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind.

Could weeds be a problem?

Seeds can take root hydroponically in the sand infill.  However the roots will be unable to penetrate the backing of the artificial grass, meaning that they can simply be brushed or raked away.

Can insects live in artificial grass?

As it is a sterile environment, artificial grass is much less attractive to insects that natural grass.  Over a number of years, accumulated debris might support a small amount of insect life.

Can I still access utilities beneath the artificial grass?

This is less of a problem than with natural grass:  simply cut your artificial grass and roll it back.  It is easily pegged back into place when the work is done.

Can I lay artificial grass in a wet area?

Provided you lay more hardcore or sand to build up the layer below the grass, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Will the appearance of the artificial grass change over time?

With continued use a little matting or flattening of your grass is possible.  However we can discuss with you the best type of artificial grass for your site.  For example, a type which includes texturised or curled yarn could reduced the chance of matting.

What does artificial grass feel like to walk on?

Artificial grass is soft and bouncy to walk on, especially when infill is used.  In very high temperatures it will become hotter than natural grass.

Can artificial grass be used near a swimming pool?

Yes, although a space of at least 3 feet between the pool edge and the artificial grass is recommended to reduce the risk of discoloration from chlorine.

Is it suitable for football?

Yes, artificial grass is ideal for football, provided you note the rules about which types of stud are allowed.

What are the benefits of sand infill?

As well as being cheaper than rubber, sand has the advantages of being chemically inert and fire resistant.

Are spillages a problem?

Artificial grass is non-absorbent.  However, a spill of something like artificial paint would not just wipe off.  Our technical department are happy to advise on any incident of this kind.

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