grass greener for families


Often its just for the practicalities that families turn to Grass Greener artificial lawns.  Kids (and adults) can roll around, without the muddy implications, or if your lucky enough to have a large garden where football, rugby, cricket or any other sport is keenly followed, then grass stains or the inevitable mud being walked into the house is no longer an issue.

Grass allergies can result in missed quality time outdoors, and whilst artificial grass wont prevent many of the symptoms, it may help to reduce some of them and allow an improved quality of time spent outdoors. Grass Greener artificial grass, is a clean, hygienic and healthy option for your lawn.

grass greener for business


Whether your business’s outdoor space is an essential facility used by your customers, or if the grounds around your premises would benefit from a facelift and the obvious improvements that this would have on your visitor’s impressions, Grass Greener is a viable and cost efficient solution.

Easier to maintain, ranges available to manage high footfall, clean and hygienic, the arguments for it soon stack up.

grass greener for pet owners


A nation of pet lovers, we must also be a lover of floor mopping to clean those muddy paw prints!  Whilst an artificial lawn can’t guarantee to keep your pets sparkling, you’ll certainly not be fretting for your just cleaned floor so much.  And then there’s the obvious toilet areas, which can be simply washed away without leaving ‘grass burn’ or any other unattractive smells.

grass greener for sport


Whether it’s a kick around at the bottom of your garden or your lucky enough to have a the space for a football pitch, grass greener artificial grass will mean your pitch is perfect to use all year round!  Cleaner than traditional grass, you’ll not be trying to get rid of grass or mud stains.


grass greener for events

Artificial Grass for Events

Impress your guests and visitors with a lovely soft lawn to enjoy a BBQ, wedding or any other outdoor event.  When the British weather can be so unpredictable, a grass greener lawn will reduce the damage caused by many feet and your visitors will appreciate clean shoes!

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