Our own team of experts installs every grass greener artificial lawn.  The quality of your artificial lawn will determine how long it will maintain its good looks but it is its ground preparation and professional installation that will ensure its lifespan is maximised.  This way, your new grass greener artificial lawn will perform at its very best, and will continue to look great for years to come.

All our grass greener installations use a specialised 2G double membrane process, which ensures our grass greener products are at the very top of the market for quality and lifetime.

We ensure the 2G membranes are installed correctly, every time. The first layer protects the grass from mud, water and weeds.  The second layer ensures that the artificial grass stays stable under use from pets and people.

Installation includes a discreet plastic skirt which runs around the edge of the grass, protecting it from fraying on the edges.

Artificial lawns can be installed by any competent DIYer but why leave it to chance?  Every grass greener artificial grass installation has a 10 year product guarantee and 6 year installation warranty.

Contact us to arrange an inspection or obtain your free no-obligation quote.

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