• Enjoy a perfect lawn all year round

    Enjoy a perfect lawn all year round


    Less time spent mowing the lawn means more quality time to relax with the family.

  • Ensuring events go without a hitch

    Ensuring events go without a hitch

    Grass Greener

    Personal and corporate event flooring that’s safe and visually appealing to visitors.

Why artificial grass?

Find out more about the features and benefits of artificial grass.

What type of artificial grass?

Choose the right artificial grass for your circumstances.

No grass to cut… ever again!

Be the envy of your neighbours – great looking grass all year round.

Ordering and installation

Ready for us to give you a quote? Looking to place an order?

Introducing Grass Greener

Grass Greener is a new innovative artificial grass product and installation service, brought to you by Paxman Landscapes UK Ltd.

Where most artificial grass retailers only sell, we offer the complete package.  We provide the grass, installation, maintenance and support for all orders.  Our unique installation process ensures a much longer lifespan and with it, a far better quality lawn for you and your family to enjoy.

Simply contact one of our team and we can begin your garden transformation today.  Follow the links for more information about artificial grass, or visit the contact tab to get in touch with one of our installation team who can help you get the information you need.

See who loves grass greener

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